Orange Marmalade

Halved oranges and lemons

Winter is the season of oranges and I don’t think they’ve ever been better. Their juice is like sweet liquid sun, giving energy from the second it begins its slide across the palate. I’m guessing bitter oranges will be as good and flavorful – they certainly smelled like heaven as I squeezed them for their […]

Bitter Orange Marmalade

  I love phone calls like the one I received the other day from my neighbor, Nathalie. “Suzanne, I have too many bitter oranges, would you like some?” I didn’t hesitate a minute. This is the season for bitter oranges (Seville oranges – they come from Spain) and each year I turn them into marmalade. […]

Chocolate – the Fruit of the Season

As I anticipated friends arriving for dinner the other night, I mused over what dessert I might make.  I had Cox Orange Pippin apples, which are perfect in a fragrant tart.   I had Conference pears, which are gorgeous, poached. I had blood oranges, clementines, kumquats.  They might have made something wonderful. But what I really […]

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