Confit of Peppers


Every year I make a batch of pepper confit (confit means to cook very slowly usually in oil or fat) with Doux des Landes (capsicum annum) grown in the fields of Criqueboeuf sur Seine, hardly considered pepper country.   Criqueboeuf-sur-Seine is just a few kilometers from my house in Normandy, the land of lettuce and leeks, […]

Konya, Turkey – Rumi’s Delicious City

I arrived in Konya well after midnight, to participate in the Atesbaz-in Culture Cuisine Cultural Days (Atesbaz-in means “the person who plays with fire” ie. the cook) a conference devoted to the cuisine of this special part of Anatolia, and to Rumi, the poet and philosopher who made Konya his home. From the moment I arrived, welcomed […]

Confit of Peppers

  Every year in early September I do the exact same thing, either because I’m crazy, or because I love the taste of pepper confit.  I’m sure it’s a bit of both, though the crazy part didn’t occur to me until this morning at 6:30 a.m. when I found myself mincing a kilo (2 pounds) […]

Grilling Peppers

I wind up grilling a lot of red bell peppers. I love having them on hand to slip into a sandwich, garnish a steamed fillet of fish, serve with crisp roast chicken. Having grilled red bell peppers on hand is like having a fabulous meal in the wings. Grilling is simple. I have a gas […]

Chicken Wings

A miracle occurred today, right next door in the butcher shop. There, Stéphane Coutard spends his days finding out exactly what his customers want, trimming it to perfection, then dispensing with cooking advice as he wraps  and weighs what they’ve chosen. Today, our discussion turned to chicken wings. They’re my favorite part of the chicken, […]