Dreaming of Tuscany

We’re having our first grey, drippy autumn day.  It’s warm – close to 60F/15.5C but it’s dismal.  So naturally I’m dreaming of Tuscany, where I spent three weeks this summer.  I was working on a project that had me inside in front of the computer for many, many hours, but I still had plenty of […]

Konya, Turkey – Rumi’s Delicious City

I arrived in Konya well after midnight, to participate in the Atesbaz-in Culture Cuisine Cultural Days (Atesbaz-in means “the person who plays with fire” ie. the cook) a conference devoted to the cuisine of this special part of Anatolia, and to Rumi, the poet and philosopher who made Konya his home. From the moment I arrived, welcomed […]

Pesto for Winter

I just harvested my mini crop of basil from the front garden. Until now we have had unseasonable warm temperatures so I left it in the ground,wanting the leaves to eke out every possible gram of flavor from the soil.  But today the temperature is dipping and if the plants stay in the ground much longer, the risk is […]

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