Herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence is the nearly mythical blend of green herbs from the Mediterranean landscape called the garrigue. When you walk the rocky trails in this region, it’s impossible not to think of pizza baked in a wood-fired oven, grilled eggplant with goat cheese, lamb roasted over the coals.  HERBS DE PROVENCE PEDIGREE – LABEL […]

Grilled Maple Musqué de Provence Squash

Grilled Squash | Susan Herrmann Loomis - On Rue Tatin

So what do you do with a huge Musqué de Provence squash that kept Louis XIV happy, but is now sitting on the kitchen counter, begging to be cooked? Louis XIV? Yes, the BBC recently filmed a segment about Louis XIV and his gastronomic predilections at On Rue Tatin, and the Musqué de Provence squash […]

Solid Oil 2

I received a LOT of comments about the  Solid Oil post a few days ago. Questions ranged from “Can you substitute it for butter in baking?” to “Can you add seasonings?” and “How long will it stay frozen?” So this post is a quick addendum that will answer those questions.  If you’ve got more, let me […]

Chicken Wings

A miracle occurred today, right next door in the butcher shop. There, Stéphane Coutard spends his days finding out exactly what his customers want, trimming it to perfection, then dispensing with cooking advice as he wraps  and weighs what they’ve chosen. Today, our discussion turned to chicken wings. They’re my favorite part of the chicken, […]