France 3 Television Comes to On Rue Tatin (And Stays for Supper)

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A couple of weeks ago I got a call from a reporter for France 3 Normandie, Christiane Lablancherie.  She’s producing a series on Joy at the Table and wanted to include On Rue Tatin.  I don’t hold classes during this season, so I suggested she film our monthly wine tasting and she jumped all over […]

Beets – the Least Loved Vegetable

I can’t count the number of times I’ve presented a menu to a cooking class with a beet recipe in it, and gotten looks like I was proposing a final walk to the gallows.  I proceed with a lightness of being, however, because I know what will ensue, which involves almost heavenly transformation. That’s because […]

From the Farm

  It’s school vacation, again. Every six weeks French students have a two week break, and parents adjust.  I used to think this was insane but I’ve come around.  When I see how hard students work, a two week vacation every six weeks begins to make sense.  Most French families I know pack up their […]

Academie du Talent

The Academie du Talent of Louviers highlights young, local talent who, during their one-year tenure at the Academie, meet professionals in their field, perform, and travel together. The goal of this unique program, created by Louviers’ mayor Francois-Xavier Priollaud, is to help set these talents on their professional path, through whatever means are available. When the mayor […]

Delicious Turkey or….

The meat, that is. I rarely cook turkey except on Thanksgiving, but my French compatriots love it, to the tune of nearly 12 pounds per capita per year.  And turkey is available here in France year-round. I joined them the other day, as I planned a dinner party for a group of close friends, more than […]

A Taste of Asheville October 1 – 3

Step Right Up!!!  You don’t want to miss the Asheville Class where for three days we cook, we learn, we laugh and we get out into the countryside to see the producers!  October 1-3, 2014  It isn’t too late to  Sign Up Now!      


I was driving down a familiar country road on Friday, after a visit to one of the high schools my daughter is considering. I say familiar, because I drove my son down that road daily during his high school years, reveling (yes, reveling), in the small, stone villages, the brick farmhouses, the expanses of waving […]

Restaurant L’Itineraire and its Vegetables

The rain has been unbelievable. Paris was submerged the other night, enveloped in a steady drizzle that penetrated everything, including my raincoat, as I walked down Boulevard St. Germain on my way to dinner at L’Itinéraire. I gratefully pushed open the door into the entry where a young waiter greeted me warmly and offered to […]

Cooking Among the Stars

Cooking and teaching French cuisine in Los Angeles is more fun than I could have imagined! For one thing, I’m in the home of Cathy and Steve Arkle high on the hill in Studio City, and the view from the kitchen over San Fernando Valley stretches to heaven.  The mornings are overcast and cool and, […]

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