seasonal vegetables, French market

Workshops allow delicious focus!  Susan offers three different workshops, where you delve into a subject, learning everything about it, cooking up luscious flavors and textures.   Includes tastes.


The French repertoire includes (depending on who you consult!) seven Mother Sauces.  Susan has her own favorite French Sauce Repertoire (think Lemon Mayonnaise, Sauce Vierge, and more!)  and with her you will make these sauces, and learn how to incorporate them into your cuisine!


French appetizers soothe the soul, from savory feta rolls to fig and hazelnut bread, to smoked salmon with cream, sweet and spicy nuts…these are the stuff that appetizer dreams are made from!  Susan will take you through the world of French appetizers, each of which is its own universe of flavor and texture, so that you can  recreate them for your friends and family.  


Markets are filled with flavor and color, but how do you find the season’s best? What do you look for?  With Susan as your guide, you will learn everything there is to know about shopping at the  market, how to choose the best and most flavorful seasonal produce, cheeses, meats, and seafood.  You will make several dishes based on what you’ve found at the market, and enjoy tastes of the finest the season has to offer.

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