Cooking in Paris!  250€/person

Join me for intimate hands-on cooking classes in Paris, where we will cook together in a gorgeous, contemporary kitchen in the lovely 7th arrondissement, with seasonal produce fresh from the market.

For morning classes, we will begin at 10 a.m. with a either a visit to the market or a visit with artisanal food purveyors, then will launch right into a hands-on, technique-oriented cooking class that will lead to our mid-day meal. Evening meals begin with a tasting and demonstration, and lead to a lovely, candlelight supper. Each class focuses on technique, tradition, tips and tricks; all ingredients are local and seasonal, and wines are carefully chosen to go with the dishes. In one class, you’ll take a culinary tour of France – it will be unforgettable!  Please contact us with your preferred dates, and any other information:  cookingclasses@onruetatin


Country Lunch – 150€/person

We know many of you would love to get out into the French countryside, but may not have the time to take a cooking class. To satisfy your desire, I developed Lunch in the Country, a wonderful, languorous meal cooked by and enjoyed with me in my timbered dining room.

You will arrive here either by train, rental car, or taxi and I will greet you with a home made apéritif , some enticing amuses-bouche, and a tour of our garden, if the weather is fine. Otherwise, we will sit in the kitchen enjoying our aperitif, then take a quick tour of our 12th century wine cellar. We will come back upstairs where I will put finishing touches on the lunch I’ve prepared for you, before we all sit down together in the dining room to enjoy it.

The menus for lunches are never the same and are not planned in advance, for they change with the season and they depend entirely on my own sense of creativity and delight in what I have found that day at the market. Please contact us with your preferred dates, and any other information:  cookingclasses@onruetatin

Special Events 

I’ll always remember the 50th birthday party when we had a mile-high cake, an accordion player to serenade us during one of our meals, and so much fun in the kitchen beforehand. Then, there was the very special Aperitif with a group of thirty, there to relive some Julia Child moments with me.  And of course, all the special anniversaries, graduations, milestones of all kind that have been celebrated with cooking classes and meals at On Rue Tatin.  We work with you closely to make it very special, for you! For more information, contact: cookingclasses@onruetatin 

Guest Eater – 150€/meal

You’re on the trip, you love to eat but you don’t want to cook? The Guest Eater program is for you! Join us for all meals and the market visit.
The fee for a guest eater in Paris is 150€ per person.  The fee for a guest eater in Louviers is 150€ per meal. Please contact us with your preferred dates, and any other information cookingclasses@onruetatin .

Seafood and More – 2500€/person

Seafood and More takes us deep into the delectable and briny world of French fish and shellfish.  It takes you to the market, where you will learn to purchase the best possible seafood, then brings you into the kitchen.  Here you will shuck oysters and play with langoustines, cook lobster to perfection and become an expert at filleting; you’ll learn things about cuttlefish and their ink, monkfish and their teeth, mussels and their beards, the secret world of the fishmonger, and more.  These three days will offer you flavor sensations you’ll never forget, dispel the mystery that surrounds food from the river and sea, and turn you into a passionate expert.

Please contact us with your preferred dates, and any other information: cookingclasses@onruetatin


Apples, Apples, Apples – 2500€/person U.S. Classes

Normandy is the region of apples, and it doesn’t take long to discover this as you drive through the lush countryside. Cows graze languidly under graceful apple trees, and in the autumn, all manner of apples are on the table or in the glass. We will experience the dozens of apple varieties in Normandy, tasting and comparing, and turning them into everything from appetizers to dessert. We’ll sample Calvados, Pommeau and Cider; we’ll meet producers, we’ll walk through an orchard. You’ll leave this week with a whole new way of looking at, tasting, and cooking apples!  Please contact us with your preferred dates, and any other information: cookingclasses@onruetatin

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Maine cooks
Happy LA cooks

U.S. Classes

I often teach in the U.S., and when I do it’s always a festival of flavor and fun!  If you would like to host a class at your home, if you know of a group interested in hosting a class, please contact cookingclasses@onruetatin .   And we will keep you informed about classes as they arise.  Can’t wait to see you!



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