French Grill is my latest book. It takes place mostly outside, over the coals and over the gas grill, and it is guaranteed to change your grilling forever, because you’ll find yourself grilling the French way. What does that mean?  Well, it means ingredients forward, simple rather than complicated, smokey enough to thrill but not so much it covers the flavor of the food, beautifully grilled, perfectly presented, all with the ease of the grill.

In a French Kitchen, is all about how the French REALLY cook!  I filled the book with tips, tricks, information, guides, menus…everything I’ve learned from the French cook about how to put a gorgeous meal on the table, with style.  It’s all here for you, along with more than 80 delectable recipes!  You may pre-order the book now!

In a French Kitchen introduces you to the French cooks who, with their tips, recipes, and culinary wisdom, make the French world go ’round.

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Amazon Customer: "I have a extensive cookbook collection and this is my favorite book hands down. Everything I've made from it has been very good."

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Susan Herrmann Loomis | On Rue Tatin

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