Welcome to On Rue Tatin…

When I thought about opening my home to cooking students, I saw myself in my favorite roles as both teacher and guide to all of the things that I love best in life—good food prepared from the freshest, seasonal and local ingredients, fabulous wines selected from our cellar, lively conversations around the dinner table, and discussions about the nuances of daily life in France.

On Rue Tatin is so much more than just a cooking school. It is a unique and hand-tailored opportunity for you to get inside my world of fine food and ingredients and warm, talented, and generous people.  You get an inside look at France with all of its quality and richness, its old-world quality, and its youthful dynamism.

When you leave an experience at On Rue Tatin, you will do so with the confidence and passion to cook for yourself, your friends and your family … I promise!

Photos © Stacey Haines

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