Three days at On Rue Tatin in Louviers is a rich, concentrated experience of cooking, learning, tasting, enjoying, laughing.  You will work with the season and the region’s finest ingredients then sit down to meals you’ve prepared, all accompanied by fine, small-production wines and artisanally made cheeses.

Sample Itinerary:

Please note that the following is a sample itinerary. Details within the three-day framework may adjust and change depending on the season and the availability of artisans and those who contribute to On Rue Tatin to make it so unique.

Welcome to On Rue Tatin!  For our first night together, we will enjoy a Welcome Feast that I prepare for you!  I pull out all the stops and as we get acquainted, we will taste the very best the region offers. This is just a sneak preview to the rest of the week, when we work with only the finest ingredients to prepare meals that you will be recreating for years to come.  Our first meal might include roast pigeon with figs poached in red wine, or gorgeous cod showered with herbs from the garden before being baked in parchment, or grilled lamb shoulder that has been studded with rosemary and garlic, or roasted guinea fowl bathed in Calvados and surrounded with apples.  The Welcome Feast, and all the meals during our time together, are a mirror of the season and the region.

Day One:  You will tie on your On Rue Tatin apron, tuck a tea towel under your belt, and get  right into the kitchen where all the ingredients for our class are mise-en-placed and ready to go. Every class begins with a tasting which grounds the meal, and often I’ll demonstrate a key technique. Then, it’s up to you all to prepare the meal under my supervision, of course!  We will enjoy it, course by course, in the dining room, matched with wines and cheeses.

After class you will have a short break, then I will demonstrate a very special dish or pastry or…this will be a wonderful moment, and a surprise!

Day Two: Here we will begin with a tour of the edible garden in front of the house. I have primarily herbs, edible flowers and fruits, and a handful of “witness plants,” which help me know how the season is progressing, and what I might expect to find at the market.  We will prepare a sumptuous lunch, which will combined with a wine tasting so you have a chance to take a vintner’s journey through different French regions. You will have the afternoon and evening to yourselves.

Day Three:  We will assemble early at On Rue Tatin then walk to the local market, where we will head directly to a cafe and sit with the morning locals as I explain the market, what it means to the French social fabric, and what this particular market has meant to me over the years.  Just being at the market gives you a window into French life, as you witness everyone from everywhere get into the spirit of market commerce, social commerce, and all the sights and sounds of a rural French farmers’ market.  We will gather ingredients to take back to the kitchen at On Rue Tatin, where we will prepare the finest picnic as our farewell feast.

The fee for a three day class is 3300€, with 1650€ due at registration to reserve your spot.  We have a guest eater program, for those who want to golf, lounge, visit then eat extremely well.  The cost for this is 150/meal€.

Please contact us with your preferred dates, and any other information:

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