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10 Responses to Roasting a Chicken Video

  1. Cindy Wienkers says:

    Love the “French” presentation of the chicken. Good luck with your book tour. Quick question, since our return from our trip to Paris last month my husband has been playing French music. What is the song you have on your site?

    • Susan says:

      One of them is from Pink Martini…not even sure of the name, but google one of the refrains and you’ll find it! Thank you for good wishes!

  2. iolacontessa says:


  3. What weight of a roasting chicken is in the lesson? I’m planning on roasting a 5 lb. bird? Would that change the roasting time?

    • Susan says:

      Hello! That is a big bird! You will need to add about 20 minutes to the roasting time. Good luck and let me know what happens. Susan

      • Thanks! I did add twenty minutes. The look and flavor were outstandingly good. See

        My wife thought the breast meat was somewhat tough, even though I did flip the bird for 25 minutes to redistribute the juices. Next time, I’ll make sure that I buy a smaller (3.5-4.0 lb) and younger chicken. Thanks for the recipe!

        • Susan says:

          I’m so glad it was wonderful. The tough breast meat is to be expected; if it was inedible, that’s one thing, but if it simply had texture that’s another. There are some who say that Americans don’t like to chew their food; chickens here in France always have texture, but I’d have to share one with your wife to see whether or not she thought it was tough! Anywa, so glad it worked, and a smaller chicken IS a better bet.

  4. Randy Francisco says:

    Followed the directions with a 4 lb bird. Turned out perfectly. The breast meat was succulent but not mushy!

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