Back in Maine

I cannot stay away from this lovely place. Perhaps it’s the introduction to Hassidic reggae, the site of a bald eagle too young for its white headdress, the pure glory of perfect lamb chops preceded by Walnuts Seasoned with Anise and Fennel, or harvesting wintergreen leaves and berries for a subsequent pink-hued syrup. Then again it may be the humps of islands in Penobscot Bay, touching distance from the window in my office here, or the taste of Maine crabmeat smothered by a fine cheese.

Whatever it is, Maine has all the allure of a fairyland. I lived here many years ago and it will always remain dear because I welcomed my red-haired son into the world on these shores. Friendships made then have endured; perhaps its the spruce in the air.

Or the oysters, or the crisp-shelled shrimp sold from trucks by the side of the road, or that amber maple syrup that I remember pouring on my buttered toast in the morning.

As the holidays approach – though in Maine they are here with candles in every window and so many Christmas trees already lit it makes me want to rush back over the Atlantic and into my home to put up mine, without delay – I encourage the making of Cinnamon Pecans, the Walnuts mentioned above, a good supply of Dukkah, those gorgeous cocoa nuts  and plenty of Apricot and Almond bread to have on hand for the little get-togethers of the holidays.

I’m glad to be back to the blog. Happy first week of December to you all.

DukkahThose Cocoa Nuts!

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