New President

We have a new President now, Mr. François Holland, and his tone is gentle.  It is hard to know yet whether this indicates the tone of his presidency, but I would say that everyone has high hopes. Not necessarily for gentleness, but for getting us out of the merde-ness.

During the campaign he was criticized for being namby pamby, his nickname was Flanby, after a wobbly French dessert.  Now that he is in, reports about him are favorable and surprised.  “He hasn’t stopped since he first got into politics when he was 26 years old.”  “He is friendly, warm, simple.”  “He does his homework.”  “He speaks with respect.”… are just some of the comments being heard around the country.  If his first day in office is any reflection of how he will perform, we can expect a lot to get done.  He gave more speeches in one day than anyone should ever have to, each with a theme and a goal.  His two primary messages involved equality of the sexes (with his homage to Marie Curie) and his dedication to improving French education (ibid for Jules Ferry, who created France’s public school system).  His day ended in Germany, over dinner with Angela Merkel.  He seems like a cautious person – his V.P. is Jean-Marc Ayrault, an expert on German affairs.  This will help him with Mme. Merkel.

I wonder what he and Mme. Merkel had for dinner last night?  It would be interesting to know…weiner schnitzel perhaps?  Whatever it was, Mr. Holland has much on his plate. Stay tuned.

And while you’re staying tuned, look at these gorgeous carrots from today’s market at Le Neubourg from Baptiste Bourdon, farmer.


Trimmed and ready to eat!

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