Autumn’s French Palate

Autumn shadow on autumn berries

It’s very hard to tell the season.  It IS autumn, officially.  But those strawberries in the photo are the sweetest, warmest, most delicious little fruits you’d ever want to taste.  They are generally a fruit of spring and summer, though as varieties improve, and occasionally they do, so does yield.  Mara des Bois, for instance, a variety developed about a decade ago, is one of France’s best-loved berries. The plants bear several times in a season, which means that in amongst the leeks, celery root, carrots, and late green beans, strawberries shine!  

As good as those berries are, and none are better than those produced by Rick at the Le Neubourg market (who refused to stay in the photo…he’s shy!), my palate is ready for pears and crisp, juicy apples.  I may lean back to summer with some of the melon that are ripe now, because they are so rich in flavor, but mostly I’m looking ahead to the glory of autumn and its fruits, and vegetables.

So, tonight I’ll make an apple and pear tart for my guests. I’m looking forward to its autumn flavor!

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