Class is Finished and the Chicken was Good

Chicken with Basil Oil

Class is over for the week, the sun is shining, the air is cool.  It’s the finest autumn day yet. 

I’m always sad to say goodbye to class participants, because we share so much during a week.  Bonds form, intimacy is created, and within a short time we’re all laughing as we mince, dice, whisk, emulsify, sauté, brown, caramelize together.  This week was no exception.  We come together as strangers and leave as friends, the food so delicious.  When I use tried and true recipes, I’m always thrilled to see how they differ in each person’s hand.

The chicken with basil oil above is one of my favorite dishes. It is simple, and it is stunning.  The chicken is rubbed under the skin with juice from fresh ginger, and lime zest. It is then steamed and browned.  While all of that is happening, basil leaves are blanched, dried, pureed with extra-virgin olive oil.  I use Lucini oil from Tuscany, my current favorite.

When the chicken is perfectly moist and golden, it goes on the plate with a ring of gorgeous oil around it.  By the time the plate arrives at table, the vivid green oil has spread just enough to become a work of art.

Bon Appétit!





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