Top Ten Kitchen Tools

Here are my ten favorites, the tools that make my life in the kitchen easier and more efficient.  I’ve got many more, which I will share with you here, and in my brand new book (out next spring!).  These, though, will get you started towards an organized, efficient and esthetic kitchen!

1.  Multiple mise-en-place dishes for holding measured ingredients.  Some have covers for ingredients that might evaporate or dry out, like mustard or vinegars.

Containers for mise-en-place (holding ingredients), in their drawer, with string

mise en place

2.  Kitchen twine, for trussing and just about everything else.

Kitchen string (in its drawer)

Trussed rabbit
Trussed rabbit

3. Wide vegetable peeler that fits well in the hand.

Simple, and perfect, vegetable peeler (with multi-hued carrots)

4.  Silicon spatulas of every size.

Silicon spatulas of all sizes...the very best!

Getting jelly out of the jar.

5.  Whisks…mostly balloon.


Whisking mayonnaise
Whisking mayonnaise

6.  Oval measuring cups that fit in almost all containers.

Oval measuring cups (fit into all containers)

7.  Tiny copper casserole for melting small amounts of butter, chocolate, heating milk or cream.

tiny copper casserole

8.  Bird beak paring knife.

Bird beak paring knife, the very best!

9.  Lemon squeezer.

Lemon squeezer

10.  Plastic and metal scrapers that are useful for transporting ingredients, cleaning work surfaces, blending and mixing….

Couldn't cook with the scrapers (cornes)
Couldn’t cook without the scrapers (cornes)

scraper cuke

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