What they are saying

What they are saying

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About in A French Kitchen:


Hungry for Good Books: http://hungryforgoodbooks.blogspot.com/2015/06/in-french-kitchen-by-susan-herrmann.html

Luxury Reading: Giveaway: http://luxuryreading.com/inafrenchkitchen/

French Village Diaries: Review http://www.frenchvillagediaries.com/2015/06/book-review-of-in-french-kitchen-by.html, Interview: http://www.frenchvillagediaries.com/2015/06/france-et-moi-with-author-susan.html

Rosemary and Reading Glasses: http://rosemaryandreadingglasses.com/2015/06/09/a-tale-of-two-cookbooks/

A Comfy Chair: https://acomfychair.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/in-a-french-kitchen-by-susan-herrmann-loomis-a-review/ 

Beth Fish Reads: Round Up 1: http://www.bethfishreads.com/2015/05/stacked-up-book-thoughts-pre-bea-edition.html, Round Up 2: http://www.bethfishreads.com/2015/06/stacked-up-book-thoughts-catching-up.html

Book TARDIS: http://booktardis.blogspot.com/2015/05/francophiles-find-yourself-in-french.html

And, of course, we have your pieces on Tastebook (http://www.tastebook.com/blog/susan-loomis-perfect-food-day/), Biographile (http://www.biographile.com/in-a-french-kitchen-how-natural-curiosity-bears-the-ripest-fruits/42239/) and the Penguin Blog (http://www.penguinusablog.com/in-a-french-farmers-market-by-susan-herrmann-loomis/).

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    1. Susan

      jason, Thanks!

  1. Agnes Irene

    My book arrived yesterday!! Can’t wait to fix a cup a tea and start reading it.

    1. Susan

      Agnes! Happy tea!

    1. Susan

      Nadia, Thank you!

  2. Robin Anne Ellis

    I am finally reading this as I have some time now during the pandemic. I am loving it so far!

    1. Susan

      Robin – Glad you have some time to yourself now! Thank you!

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