Strawberry Shortcake from the Grill

There are two things at play in this recipe for French strawberry shortcake from the grill.  One is my brand, new, fancy Weber gas grill that has taken pride of place in my back courtyard.  Two is my darling daughter Fiona’s predilection for loving and not eating animals.  Sometimes she is flexitarian, but mostly she eschews animal products of any kind.

I’ve taken on the challenge of trying to prepare some of her favorite dishes using the best possible, most close to the land and soil products that I can find. What I mean by that, mostly, is no margarine and few soy products.  And of course, I’m always looking for dishes I can prepare on the grill.


Sometimes recipes don’t translate, but this one for strawberry shortcake does, perfectly.  It’s a family (and everyone else) favorite, because the shortcake is so light and, usually, buttery. Here it is delicious in a different way because there is no butter, but some coconut oil and, instead of cream, a blend of soy cream and almond milk. The result is still so absolutely delicate and tender that it is good enough to share with you.

And it’s baked on the grill (on a plancha), so on the hottest day of early summer (like the ones we’ve just had), when the strawberries are warm and juicy and sweet, you can make this without heating up your kitchen.   Will modern wonders never cease?

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