Sweet Praline Almonds
The water and sugar "sand" is beginning to re-caramelized

Sweet Praline Almonds

Ever since I tasted these praline almonds, made by my colleague and friend David Lebovitz once when he was visiting, I’ve loved them.  They’re a perfect, and perfectly surprising, amuse-bouche, or appetizer.   I make them often, we make them in classes, guests eat them like they were candy.  Which they sort of are, with a salty, peppery touch.

I adapt the flavors depending on when and to whom I will be serving these.  If guests can handle heat, they get more pepper (my preference); if they love salt, I’ll use a bit more. If they really can’t handle cinnamon, like many French whose palates aren’t coded with cinnamon love, I use less.  You can do the same.

Once these are made and cooled, they’ll stick together because the caramel acts like glue. So, just break them apart before serving with champagne or your favorite sparkling wine, of course!  And to help you get these made, watch the video. You’ll see the magic of sand turning to sugar right before your eyes!  And if you have many leftover (a bit unlikely but you never know), they freeze perfectly.










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    1. Susan

      Cathy – I wonder if you make these at home? They’re soooo good!

  1. Sue Girard

    so what the heck is piment d’esplette? 😉 is that smoked Paprika? thanks!

    1. Susan

      Hi Sue,

      I’m so sorry! Piment d’Espelette is a very special pepper grown in the Basque Country with a round, peppery flavor and mild bite. I suggest using hot paprika in its place! Thanks for asking!

  2. Jenny Spencer

    Hi Aunt Susan! This is Raine! I was just about to write you back and then I saw you had a new book out! So the link directed me to your website! It’s amazing!!!! The first recipe I went to was this one and my mouth literally started watering. It looks so amazing and I cannot wait to make it!


    1. Susan

      Raine! Great to see you here!

      1. Jenny Spencer

        When do you post new recipes and videos?


        P.S. Make sure to look on your email! I sent you a new letter!

        1. Susan

          Hello, Raine,

          I post when I can, and I’ve been so very busy this month! I will check my email!

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