Bringing France to Maine in August



Just like all the French, I’m travelling in August, to Maine.  And I’m hoping you’ll join me there!  I’m offering two days of cooking classes in a lovely home overlooking the water, and there are just a few spots left so sign up now!

Why Northport, Maine?  I have history there. I moved to Northport from Brooklyn in 1990, about five minutes before my son, Joe, was born. I loved every minute of living there, from the gorgeous summers to the frigid winters.  Among other things, I learned to drive on icy roads, and I became part of a theater troupe, just one winter activity to while away the long winter evenings.

And then there was the spring.  We lived right on the shore, and early mornings meant clambering over rocks to dip a toe in the icy water.   We made wonderful friends who had wonderful boats; swam, did lobster bakes on the beach. I had a regular food column in Down East magazine, wrote for magazines, worked on books, welcomed Julia Child for lunches and snacks because our home was on the way to her Maine home.   And I got used to being a mom.   It was simply a halcyon time, and I’m going back – as I try to do regularly  – to relive it and share it with you, through two days of French-inspired cooking!!

The Maine Class is Full! If you’d like to be put on the waiting list, please contact!


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