Bonjour!  Welcome to all about cooking and life in France!  

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Cooking locally and seasonally is my philosophy – I copied it from the French who consider it the key to everything good at the table.

Together, we put this little French secret to work at On Rue Tatin to make fantastic meals, combining it with time-honored techniques and tips. We add gracious, authentic lifestyle and joie de vivre, lots of warmth and laughter and voila! You’re living the French life in the heart of a beautiful French town, and that’s what you’ll take home with you, along with a basketful of cooking wealthy and confidence.

From food to wine, people to atmosphere, your time at On Rue Tatin will be unforgettable. And that is my goal for you!  Come join me.

“I spent the best week of my life with Susan at On Rue Tatin!” Joy, England.

“I’ve never laughed so hard nor learned so much,” Denise, Colorado

“My cooking has changed forever. I do more of it, and everything tastes so much better. Thank you, Susan!”  Sheila, Iowa

On Rue Tatin is for rent!  Take a look here, then contact


And look for my newest book, FRENCH GRILL, out in June in your neighborhood bookstore.

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