Market Surf N’ Turf

For our market lunch last Saturday, always a special occasion because we eat whatever is best from the market that morning, I sautéed freshly shucked scallops with air-cured ham and shitakes, liberally seasoned with garlic.  It is not a combination I might have thought of had the scallops, mushrooms, and ham not jumped at me […]

Magret with Pomegranate Reduction

Magret de canard is the breast from a fattened duck, the same duck that produces silken foie gras.  It is a conundrum, more meat than poultry, and it’s a favorite in France. It’s a favorite with me, too, for its elegantly tender texture, and rich depth of flavor. In fact, it’s my favorite “meat”. Magret […]

Chocolate Tart from the Secret Drawer

I have a secret drawer in my kitchen.  It’s not really secret, it’s just where all the fun things go.  It started life as my chocolate drawer, and that is its major purpose. I always have a lot of chocolate on hand so that I can make my wonderful Chocolate Chocolate Tart, or whip up […]

Rainy Day at the Louviers Market

I love the Louviers farmers’ market on a rainy day like today.  All the vendors are under umbrellas in varying colors, from vivid red, to blue, to sun-shocked yellow.  Business starts out slow, so early morning when I get there is akin to a party – one vendor is under the others’ umbrella, joking as […]

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