Thanksgiving Appetizer Dilemma

I panicked.  I had twenty guests coming for Thanksgiving dinner (we celebrate as close to the real date as possible – this year, it was last Saturday) and my appetizer mind was blank. I emailed a cooking friend in the U.S.  I emailed my older sister.  I trolled the internet. Here is what I discovered. […]

Thanksgiving Cooking Class in Paris

I look forward to Thanksgiving every year. I have a source for a big, fat, delicious free-range turkey, but instead of stuffing, roasting, and serving it on a Thursday afternoon before the big game, it will emerge from the oven on a Saturday night, while my guests – mostly French – are in the kitchen […]

Thanksgiving Jitters

Judging from the notes I’m receiving, the general panic about how to organize Thanksgiving dinner has settled in. I’m here to offer some basic tips which I hope will help make the meal – and the day – one that affords you, the cook, time to enjoy.  Who knows, you may even be able to […]