Essential Kitchen Tools For a French Cook

Hanging tools

When I get into the kitchen and begin to organize ingredients, I have several (let’s say many…!)  essential and indispensable tools  that make life easy, making cooking extra fun, and make food delicious. They’re often simple things, but they’re essential to my style, and they can become essential to yours too. Some you can pick […]

Bear Garlic

Some years ago, I snitched a couple of l’ail des ours (bear garlic – allium ursinum) plants from the woods and planted them in my garden. They’ve got delicate, deep-green leaves and sweet, starburst-white flowers and they smell headily of garlic, making them lovely additions. More importantly, though, they’re  “witness” plants, telling me that soon the forest […]

Pesto for Winter

I just harvested my mini crop of basil from the front garden. Until now we have had unseasonable warm temperatures so I left it in the ground,wanting the leaves to eke out every possible gram of flavor from the soil.  But today the temperature is dipping and if the plants stay in the ground much longer, the risk is […]

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