Whirlwind Meal

  Yesterday I welcomed twenty-two Stanford alumni for a spring dinner.  I knew the group had two hours to eat, and was prepared down to the final grain of fleur de sel.   Rather than offer the aperitif in the kitchen, as I usually do, I arranged everything on the dining room table, thinking it would […]

A Certain Form of Etiquette

I’ve lived in France a  long time, and I entertain a lot. If I’ve learned one thing, it is not to listen to what people say here when they first walk in the door (unless it’s from list number two).The guests who say they are tired stay the longest; those who say they’re not hungry […]

A Taste of Asheville October 1 – 3

Step Right Up!!!  You don’t want to miss the Asheville Class where for three days we cook, we learn, we laugh and we get out into the countryside to see the producers!  October 1-3, 2014  It isn’t too late to  Sign Up Now!      

Real Values

Looking forward without looking left, right, or behind (fracking); violence on the street in a London neighborhood; Beckham quitting soccer; the destruction of Syria as we’ve known it; Amnesty International’s list of political prisoners; resistance to health care for all…the list of imponderables goes on. How to make sense of it, and keep a bold […]

Chocolate – the Fruit of the Season

As I anticipated friends arriving for dinner the other night, I mused over what dessert I might make.  I had Cox Orange Pippin apples, which are perfect in a fragrant tart.   I had Conference pears, which are gorgeous, poached. I had blood oranges, clementines, kumquats.  They might have made something wonderful. But what I really […]

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