There is something so very special about being an expatriate even though, occasionally, I long for the familiarity of the country where I was born. But just think: here, I am and always will be “the American.” Which gives me the advantage of the renegade. This creates advantages, one of which is that I can […]


  This is how I describe the French.  Despite the events of Friday night they are out in the streets and cafes in force, somewhat subdued but present; there is time for drinks and laughter, hugs and solidarity, the force to say “Meme Pas Peur”, “I’m not even afraid”, a phrase kids say to bullies […]

A Certain Form of Etiquette

I’ve lived in France a  long time, and I entertain a lot. If I’ve learned one thing, it is not to listen to what people say here when they first walk in the door (unless it’s from list number two).The guests who say they are tired stay the longest; those who say they’re not hungry […]

Favorite Meal of the Day

What’s yours? I love them all of course, but breakfast is my favorite.  There is something so fresh and new about it.   I find it fresh, because my favorite consists of freshly baked bread, fresh and lightly salted butter, and fresh coffee which fills the downstairs with its toasty aroma.  It is new because it […]

Real Values

Looking forward without looking left, right, or behind (fracking); violence on the street in a London neighborhood; Beckham quitting soccer; the destruction of Syria as we’ve known it; Amnesty International’s list of political prisoners; resistance to health care for all…the list of imponderables goes on. How to make sense of it, and keep a bold […]

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