Konya, Turkey – Rumi’s Delicious City

I arrived in Konya well after midnight, to participate in the Atesbaz-in Culture Cuisine Cultural Days (Atesbaz-in means “the person who plays with fire” ie. the cook) a conference devoted to the cuisine of this special part of Anatolia, and to Rumi, the poet and philosopher who made Konya his home. From the moment I arrived, welcomed […]

Happy Thanksgiving Memories

It hardly seems possible that Thanksgiving is already a memory. Wasn’t it just summer? In any case, happy times need to be shared, and so do luscious recipes.  I’m using a few photos here submitted by guests (notably, photographer Francis Hammond), because when I’m the cook, I am concerned with one thing – getting food on […]

Delicious Turkey or….

The meat, that is. I rarely cook turkey except on Thanksgiving, but my French compatriots love it, to the tune of nearly 12 pounds per capita per year.  And turkey is available here in France year-round. I joined them the other day, as I planned a dinner party for a group of close friends, more than […]

Thanksgiving Cooking Class in Paris

I look forward to Thanksgiving every year. I have a source for a big, fat, delicious free-range turkey, but instead of stuffing, roasting, and serving it on a Thursday afternoon before the big game, it will emerge from the oven on a Saturday night, while my guests – mostly French – are in the kitchen […]

Tasty Turkey – Visions of Hatay

Thanks to a wonderful event called Mediterranean Culinary Days (admirably organized by Adnan Sahin, the president of the Anatolian Folk Cuisine Association),  I spent three days in Antakya (Antioch), a city in the province of Hatay, in Anatolia.  There, the wind blows with abandon, sweeping this busy, cacaphonic spot free of dust.  With a bustling center that […]

Thanksgiving in France

Thanksgiving for our family is celebrated whenever we can.  Sometimes that means mid-December, but this year we were almost right on the mark. The stars aligned so that we could celebrate last Saturday, a bit early but still in line with the Thanksgiving moment. I love Thanksgiving, even more than when I lived in the […]

Thanksgiving Jitters

Judging from the notes I’m receiving, the general panic about how to organize Thanksgiving dinner has settled in. I’m here to offer some basic tips which I hope will help make the meal – and the day – one that affords you, the cook, time to enjoy.  Who knows, you may even be able to […]

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