On Rue Tatin, the beloved house that has welcomed so many, is once again for rent by the month, or the week. It’s a perfect place to land if you want a taste of French life and culture, a beautiful, professional kitchen for all the ingredients you will get at the market, and as a […]

Highlights from a Spring Class

Jessie Tarte Tatin

As I anticipated last week’s class, my heart fell. Here I’d advertised a spring class and we were still in the throes of winter with the season being at least three weeks behind a normal year.  Temperatures hovered around freezing and the most exciting thing at the market was baby endive (finally growing well after […]

A Night of Wine Tasting

Post tasting

There were seven red wines to taste last night, which might seem a daunting task to some. But not to the twelve people assembled at On Rue Tatin, the lion’s share of a group of friends that meets monthly for what is, each time, an extraordinary experience. Our wine guru is Hervé Lestage, oenologue and […]

Washing Lettuce Video

After watching how to wash lettuce here, your salads will never be the same!  Bon Appétit!

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