A Thousand Years of Apricots (Put them on the Grill)


I plucked a small, red-freckled apricot off the tree, looking furtively around as I did so.. I’d been gazing at these apricots for days,  watching them turn gradually from greenish orange to orangish red.  We’d been debating, my friends and I, whether they were ready and the answer was non, non, non.  But when no […]

Bastille Day Menu from the Grill

beef chop

American flags still dot the house and garden, happy little reminders of a great July 4 party, great values, great burgers.  Now there’s a French flag in the mix, for two reasons this year.  First LES BLEUS made it into the finals of the World Cup! Yay!   (It is impossible not to get involved in […]