Squash Soup – Soupe au Potimarron

squash soup

Autumn has arrived! It’s taken its time, but now there’s a chill in the air, the leaves are drifting down, and at the market all the root vegetables have made their winter appearance, along with squash of every hue. Being a squash fan, my first instinct is to make squash soup. I use either red […]

Soup as Antidote

Warm, comforting soup is the French antidote to everything – winter’s chill, low spirits, oncoming cold or fever, taxes, strikes, you name it. My household is no exception. And yesterday, with the wind whipping over the ears of the gargoyles on the church across the street,  the specter of taxis blocking roads, air traffic controllers […]

How to Test a Recipe – Poached Pears

I have a confession to make. I love to test recipes. It’s creative, it’s finicky, it’s challenging. The aromas are marvelous, the workplace is comfortable and familiar, and you get to taste and share what you’ve just tested. When I talk about testing a recipe, I’m talking about preparing one for publication. It may be […]

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