In a Restaurant Kitchen

From In a French Kitchen to In a Restaurant Kitchen is not as long a journey as it may seem. Particularly when the restaurant kitchen is one devoted to fresh, seasonal, local, hand-picked, hand chopped, hand-patted, and hand cooked food. I had occasion to spend the day in one of  the ten Paul Martin American Grill […]

Work and Pleasure

That’s not a fair title. Work IS pleasure!  I’ve been around and about, and to my gratification and delight, every event has sold out, I’ve seen so many old and dear friends, and made a few new friends.  Writing a book is the best thing, from start, to finish, to promotion!

Good Ol’ USA

Oh, USA!  Some tastes and moments, pre-book tour!    

Two Tacoma Hot Spots

I  was just in Tacoma, Washington, the forgotten city south of Seattle, for a quick trip.  As I meandered through the lovely old neighborhoods, I asked myself  why everyone isn’t clamoring to live in this jewel of a city.  The views of Commencement Bay and Mount Rainier are incredible, the neighborhoods and downtown vintagely beautiful, […]

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