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There have been times when, whether I was making dinner for my family, or preparing for friends to come to a dinner party, I just didn’t “feel” it. I was tired, usually a state I don’t like to admit to, but it happens to everyone. A normal person would just resort to pasta; not me. […]

Orange Marmalade

Halved oranges and lemons

Winter is the season of oranges and I don’t think they’ve ever been better. Their juice is like sweet liquid sun, giving energy from the second it begins its slide across the palate. I’m guessing bitter oranges will be as good and flavorful – they certainly smelled like heaven as I squeezed them for their […]

The Season’s Silver Lining

  We had a halcyon moment last week, given the deluges of the weeks before and the grey skies and intermittent torrential rains of this week (I’m looking out the window now at cars crawling through rivers of water on the street, roses bent under the blast).  After Monday, each day began in the mist […]

In a French Kitchen, Polish-Style

In a French Kitchen was released in Poland last week (by Wydawnictwo Literackie), and I was in Warsaw over the weekend to promote it.  It was an incredible experience and here is why: I discovered a big group of journalists who are so professional, so prepared, so sincerely involved in their work, and so absolutely […]

Coming to California

  Come one, come all to two delicious events for In a French Kitchen in California, guaranteed to brighten the month of February. I’ll be at Chino Farms, in Del Mar, near San Diego, purveyor to the stars and everyone else too. When:    Sunday, February 21, 2016, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Where:   The […]

Exciting Times and Gift Ideas

It’s on the radio, it’s in the papers, it’s probably on the television: the results of the COP21 is THE topic of conversation here.  Along with the French regional election of course, where the socialist party elegantly moved out of the way in regions where it risked dividing the vote, potentially making room for far-right candidates.* What […]

In a Restaurant Kitchen

From In a French Kitchen to In a Restaurant Kitchen is not as long a journey as it may seem. Particularly when the restaurant kitchen is one devoted to fresh, seasonal, local, hand-picked, hand chopped, hand-patted, and hand cooked food. I had occasion to spend the day in one of  the ten Paul Martin American Grill […]

California, There I Was

From La Jolla to Del Mar, San Francisco to Diablo, Napa to Roseville, California was such an amazing venu, with such amazing hosts.  Thank you all!   and finally, a moment of rest at the Hollywood Bowl. Au revoir, California, I’ll miss you.

Work and Pleasure

That’s not a fair title. Work IS pleasure!  I’ve been around and about, and to my gratification and delight, every event has sold out, I’ve seen so many old and dear friends, and made a few new friends.  Writing a book is the best thing, from start, to finish, to promotion!

Thank you Washington DC and Virginia

This has been a more than fabulous week; The Smithsonian was completely sold out,  thanks to Program Coordinator Mary McLaughlin, and thanks to Sandra McCluskey (Le Bon Cafe  www.leboncafedc.com) a delicious time was had by all! I couldn’t have asked for better.  At Coco Blanca, the event was gorgeous (the clothing and accessories and owners […]

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