Molten Chocolate Cake

I’m busily testing recipes for my new book, which involves lively, everyday stories of the French cook The recipes are from my friends and acquaintances, avid cooks, professionals, moms, dads, farmers, businesspeople. I collect them, I test them, I ask myself the ever-present question: “Will my readers love this as much as I do?” I […]

Quince Paste

I make it every Christmas season, with quinces from my tree if there are enough.  This year there were not and I was despondent, until I smelled the quinces coming from Vincent-the-apple-man’s stand.  Like the siren’s song, it called me and I was mesmerized into buying a kilo.  Never have I smelled quinces like these. […]

Vanilla Sugar

A house without a cookie is a sad place indeed, I thought as I pulled the vanilla sugar from its drawer, got the hunk of unsalted butter from the fridge, and began to measure flour and salt. I had a hankering for a sablé, a tender butter cookie ideal to offer to the unexpected guest, […]


In the early 1980’s, I was hired to open a small tea salon in the sixth arrondissement of Paris. My mandate, aside from equipping the kitchen, was to make American food. Then, the idea was maverick, and so was I. I went on to produce everything from chile con carne to zucchini bread, but my […]

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